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Summer Camp 2018 Information

At beautiful Dogwood Acres, children and youth meet peers from across the Florida Panhandle (and beyond).  As they make new friends, nature and nurture come together to help them learn about growing in faith, guided by role models who walk and talk it every day.  Campers flourish in this wholesome, technology-free atmosphere that encourages them to actively explore life through a wide variety of guided opportunities.  Dogwood Acres is an exciting, nurturing gift from God that offers a safe, beautiful, faith-filled setting in which campers can swim, fish, laugh, worship, sing, learn archery and crafts, help each other on the Challenge course, and create lifelong memories while doing it all!

Why Do I See Three Prices?
Realizing that families have different abilities to pay, Dogwood Acres began offering a voluntary three-tier fee program last summer.  You may CHOOSE the tier that is most suitable for your family.  It's a “free-will” system; you tell us what's affordable for your family.  Every camper receives the same Dogwood Acres experience, no matter what a family pays; and absolutely no one on staff knows what fee any camper's family has paid.


All children entering grades 2-12 are welcome at Dogwood Acres, and no child will be denied a places at DWA Summer Camp because of finances.  Scholarships are available.  Interested families that cannot afford the Tier 1 fee should complete and return a scholarship application as soon as possible.


Scholarship Application
For families needing assistance with the cost of summer camp.
Adobe Acrobat document [17.1 KB]

Tier 1

Tier I is our historically subsidized rate and does not reflect the true cost of operating summer camp programs.

Our subsidized rates are made possible by contributions from individual churches and the Presbytery of Florida; and donations from groups, families, and friends of Dogwood Acres. Thank you all for your giving and support of this important ministry.

Tier 2

Tier II is our partially subsidized fee for those who can pay a little more, but still cannot afford the actual cost of camp.


Tier 3

Tier III most closely accounts for the true costs of camp, including camp staffing, program materials and equipment, and wear-and-tear (maintenance) of buildings & grounds.



All of Dogwood Acres’ summer camp programs are designed around small-group camping activities.  Dogwood gently encourages children and youth to explore their beliefs and relationship with God, as they’re ready, and to continue building their sense of accomplishment, appreciation for others’ abilities, and new perspective on what they’re capable of achieving.  It’s our goal to provide an environment in which individuals and groups can grow in Christian faith as they experience fellowship and recreation in an outdoor ministry setting.


Intro/First-Timers’ Program – appropriate for campers entering grades 2 or 3

            Short Week (Sun. - Wed.)

                  Tier 3 – $395

                  Tier 2 – $355

                  Tier I – $320

The First-Timers’ program is designed for a camper’s first exposure to Dogwood Acres and its outdoor ministry.  We’ll explore God’s great creation as we play games, swim, enjoy arts and crafts, talk about God, learn about our camp traditions (It’s Tidy Turtle time!) and go on adventures together through Dogwood’s forests and streams.  This 4-day/3-night “taste” of camp life in our safe, caring community begins on Sunday afternoon and concludes on Wednesday afternoon.



Elementary Discovery Program – for campers entering grades 3, 4, or 5

            Full Week (Sun. - Fri.)

                  Tier 3 – $510

                  Tier 2 – $475

                  Tier I – $445

This 6-day program offers young campers the opportunity to embark on many Dogwood Acres adventures, traditions, and Bible studies in the great outdoors.  Campers make new friends and participate in a broad range of discoveries, such as the teamwork required by our progressive Challenge Course and the personal challenges of archery, plus the pool, campfires, and other fun opportunities.



Middle School Night Owl – for campers entering grades 6, 7, or 8
            Full Week (Sun. - Fri.)

                  Tier 3 – $510

                  Tier 2 – $475

                  Tier I – $445

Why have a bedtime when you can stay up late?!  Night Owl campers are able to participate in nighttime activities, such as a glow party, late-night talks, midnight snacks, Kelly Field night games, and many more fun adventures.  These middle schoolers are able to learn more about their relationship with Christ while being immersed in our outdoor ministry environment.



High School Hangout – for our most mature campers, entering grades 9, 10, 11, or 12
Full Week (Sun. - Fri.)

                  Tier 3 – $545

                  Tier 2 – $510

                  Tier I – $480

Unplug from everyday distractions to take in the wonders of Dogwood Acres!  High Schoolers, our most mature campers, are encouraged to deepen their relationship with God, explore the great outdoors, develop meaningful friendships, and expand their leadership skills.  While these campers participate in many regular camp activities and traditions, they’ll also embark on a canoe trip away from the camp site.   In addition to the canoe trip, there will be other on- or off-site excursions exclusively for high schoolers.



Einstein Camp – for campers with high-functioning autism or Down syndrome

            Short Week (Sun. - Wed.)                           Full Week (Sun. - Fri.)

                  Tier 3 – $420                                                 Tier 3 – $545

                  Tier 2 – $380                                                 Tier 2 – $510

                  Tier I – $340                                                  Tier I – $480

This is a camp specifically designed for campers with high-functioning autism and Down syndrome.  They learn about and enjoy the outdoor environment as they build social skills, independence, and spirituality.  Our skilled staff, along with our partners from the Gulf Coast School for Autism, help campers experience summer camp and enjoy time away from home.



Flint River Week – for Flint River Presbytery campers entering grades 3 through 12
            Full Week (Sun. - Fri.)

                  Tier 3 – $510

                  Tier 2 – $480

                  Tier I – $445

The Presbytery of Florida, in partnership with the Georgia Flint River Presbytery, offers Flint River campers entering grades 3 through 12 the opportunity to enjoy Dogwood Acres traditions, Bible studies, and activities centered on growing their faith. This is a multi-age program in which Flint River participants will experience age-appropriate activities as described in the First-Timers, Discovery, Night Owl, and High School Hangout programs (see above for details). There are also leadership opportunities for high school participants.  The Presbytery of Florida looks forward to sharing with Flint River Presbytery the opportunity for their young people to forge meaningful friendships and feel encouraged to learn more about Jesus and their faith through this outdoor ministry.


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