Presbytery of Florida
Presbytery of Florida

Whether you are a seasoned camp parent or a parent considering sending your child to camp for the first time, we hope that the information in the Parent Handbook answers all your questions. Also, to help prepare your child for camp, here's a packing list. Additionally, Dogwood Acres offers scholarships for families in need. Interested families should complete and return their scholarship application as soon as possible.

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Forms for Summer Camp

Please bring the following forms with you to registration when you check-in the first day of camp at Dogwood Acres:

Scholarship Application
Scholarship Application 2020.pdf
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Get To Know Me
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Photo Release
Photo Release.pdf
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MEDICAL FORM - Please Note: The Medical Form has been updated.

  1. A doctor's physical is no longer required; the parent/guardian attests to the camper's fitness for camp and provides additional information.
  2. The Medical Form is good for one (1) year.
  3. Emphasis on having the form notarized:
  • A parent or legal guardian's signature is required on the Medical Form and MUST be witnessed and duly acknowledged by a Notary Public.  Notaries are commonly available, free-of-charge, in banks, hospitals, public schools, colleges, many workplaces, and your doctor's office.
  • A Notary Public will also be available at Dogwood Acres during sign-in at no charge, though that may put the camper in a slower-moving line.  To have the form notarized at Dogwood Acres, a parent or legal guardian must accompany his/her camper(s) and must show a photo ID.
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Registration and Pick Up Times

Registration: Sundays at 3:00 - 4:00 PM CT in the Koinonia Building located by the Dining Hall*

          *3-night Einstein Campers follow the same schedule, but arrive on Tuesday afternoons.

Pick up Times: Closing worship is on Fridays at 2:30 PM CT and Pick-up time is 3:00 PM CT**

          **Intro Campers follow the same schedule, but on Wednesday afternoons.

         **2-night Einstein Campers follow the same schedule, but depart on Tuesday afternoons.


Please note: Campers cannot be picked up before 3:00 PM CT without advanced approval from the Director.

Camper Contact Information

Camper e-mail:

          The Attn:/Subject line should include camper's name/unit number assigned at registration.

All mail and packages are to be sent to:

        Dogwood Acres 

        3320 Harmony Rd.

        Chipley, FL 32428


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