Presbytery of Florida
Presbytery of Florida

Why You Should Work at Dogwood Acres!


While at Dogwood Acres, you have countless opportunities to grow and experience your own faith through teaching Bible lessons, and worshiping during daily chapel sessions.


As a counselor, you'll practice and polish your leadership skills by leading campers through various activities and events, and by being their “go-to person” during leisure time.


During your time as a counselor, you'll learn to better communicate with kids of all ages and practice skills like giving effective instructions, listening, and patience.


Not only will you learn how to be a team member with the rest of the Dogwood Acres staff, you'll learn how to build a team with your campers each week.

Get Outdoors

Dogwood Acres is 450 acres of pristine wilderness, and we strive to use all of God’s creation during summer camp.  It’s the perfect way to remove yourself from the hurried busy-ness of everyday life!


Interested? Apply today!

Counselor Application 2020:



We believe the experiences you will gain while working at Dogwood Acres will help train you for a multitude of career choices as well as prepare you for opportunities in the near future.



Food & Board Included

From staff training until the last week of camp, staff can stay and eat all meals on campus, in addition to having access to the on-site kitchen during off-hours.



Competitive Pay

Dogwood Acres offers pay that is competitive with almost every summer camp in the South East.




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