Presbytery of Florida
Presbytery of Florida

Check with James if you are available to help during these cool dry days!


As Dogwood Acres continues to recover from the hurricane damage, volunteers are already playing a big part.  At this time the biggest chore in front of us is cutting and piling debris around the camp for county truck removal. Already we have half a mile of debris piles along our entrance road, and it will be good to see it go.  The debris has been mostly coming from our cabin area and along the roads.  We are making remarkable progress on the huge project of re-opening our hiking and prayer trails.  Hundreds of trees have fallen, and it's not economically or environmentally feasable to open the trails with heavy equipment.  If you have good chainsaw skills, or can help move the smaller debris (branches, etc.) by hand, we would love to have you come spend time with us on our workdays.  If you are part of a small group that would like to come on a weekday, please contact James (see below) and we can make the arrangements.


We have begun repairs on our boardwalks, which need light carpentry skills.  We would also welcome anyone who would like to help us get our cabins cleaned up and back in shape for workers who are coming in February and March, and for upcoming retreats that had to be postponed to February and beyond. This will include a good bit of painting. 


If you have a love for Dogwood Acres and would like to help, we would be very appreciative.  Your on-the-ground support is very, very encouraging to the Staff and DWA Ministry Team!

James Vance will be coordinating the volunteer efforts.  Please email him at or call him at 850-933-3985 to inquire about workdays or to offer your services.  Also, regular updates are being posted on our website Homepage -


Thank you!


HURRICANE RECOVERY: Please monitor our Homepage and this area for information about how volunteers will play a big part in Dogwood Acres' recovery.  As we work with Presbyterian Disaster Assistance personnel and others who are staying and working in the area, we are also welcoming individuals and small groups of volunteers!  


Please email James Vance at 

to sign up or get more information.


Thanks for your interest and support – we look forward to seeing you at Dogwood soon!



In more "normal" times:  There are many ways that you can help our presbytery’s Outdoors Ministry, and every few months between Sepetmber and May, we set aside a Saturday for folks who enjoy getting out into nature and helping with hands-on projects.  These events are planned for individuals and/or small groups.  Activities will range from trail blazing to painting, to carpentry projects, landscaping and gardening, and general maintenance.  Whether you have a teen that needs to put in volunteer hours, a Sunday school class that loves to get out and do things together, or you are an individual that just wants to support our ministry, please consider signing up for a day at Dogwood Acres.

James Vance, our Property Ministry Team coordinator, and others from our DWA Ministry Team will supervise.  Please email James at to let him know the kinds of things you feel comfortable helping with.  He keeps a list of a variety of projects and can also customize a day’s work to fit your abilities.


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