Presbytery of Florida
Presbytery of Florida

There are many ways that you can help our presbytery’s Outdoors Ministry, and over the next month or so there will be three days set aside for folks who enjoy getting out into nature and helping with hands-on projects.  These will be supervised work days planned for individuals and/or small groups.  Activities will range from trail blazing to painting, to carpentry projects, landscaping and gardening, and general maintenance.  Whether you have a teen that needs to put in volunteer hours, a Sunday school class that loves to get out and do things together, or are an individual that just wants to support our ministry, please consider signing up for a day at Dogwood Acres.

James Vance, DWA Ministry Team Chair will supervise on the following days.  Please email him at to let him know the kinds of things you feel comfortable helping with.  He keeps a list of a variety of projects and will customize the day’s work to fit your abilities.


We will be having individual Volunteer Days from time to time over the summer, then back to scheduled group work days in the fall.  If you would like to participate send James an email.  Thanks!

Volunteer Day - Saturday April 15... A great day at Dogwood!

Our final Volunteer Day until the fall was a huge success!  Thanks to all the folks who came and helped with landscaping, painting, cleaning canoes and lake equipment, pressure washing, and fixing lunch.  We all had a great day celebrating the end of Holy Week with good friends and a beautiful day in God's creation.


Please keep an eye on this web page for further dates, especially in the fall, when several more Volunteer Days will be planned.


Thanks for your interest and support – we look forward to seeing you at Dogwood!


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