Dogwood Acres is OPEN and looking forward to 2022 Summer Camp!
Dogwood Acres is OPEN and looking forward to 2022 Summer Camp!

Camp Description





All of Dogwood Acres' summer camp programs are designed around small-group

activities.  Dogwood's staff gently encourages children and youth to explore their beliefs and relationship with God, as they're ready, and to continue building their sense of accomplishment, appreciation of others' abilities, and a new perspective on what they're capable of achieving.  It is our goal to provide an environment in which individuals and groups can grow in Christian faith as they experience fellowship and recreation in an outdoor ministry setting. 



Intro Camp - for campers entering grades 2 or 3

     July 17 - 20

          Tier 3 - $395; Tier 2 - $355; Tier 1 - $320

This First-Timers' program is designed for a camper's first exposure to Dogwood Acres and its outdoor ministry.  We'll explore God's creation as we play games, swim, enjoy arts and crafts, talk about God, learn about our camp traditions (It's Tidy Turtle time!) and go on adventures together through Dogwood's forests and streams.  This 4-day/3 night "taste" of camp life in our safe, caring community begins on Sunday afternoon and concludes on Wednesday afternoon. 


Discovery Camp - for campers entering grades 3 - 5

      June 26 - July 1 and July 17 - 22 and July 24 - 29

           Tier 3 - $510; Tier 2 - $475; Tier 1-$445

Discovery Camp offers young campers the opportunity to embark on many Dogwood Acres adventures, traditions, and Bible studies in the great outdoors.  Campers make new friends and participate in a broad range of discoveries, such as the teamwork required by our progressive Challenge Course and the personal challenges of archery, plus the pool, campfires, and other fun opportunities. 


Night Owl Camp - for campers entering grades 6 ,7 or 8

      June 26 - July 1 and July 17 - 22 and July 24 - 29

           Tier 3 - $510; Tier 2 - $475; Tier 1 - $445

Why have a bedtime when you can stay up late?  In addition to daytime activities, Night Owl campers participate in nighttime activities, such as a glow party, late-night talks, midnight snacks, Kelly Field games, and many more fun adventures.  These middle schoolers are able to learn more about their faith and the journey we are all on as they are immersed in the fun of Dogwood Acres.


Mission Camp - for campers entering grades 7 - 12

      June 26 - July 1   

           Tier 3 - $545; Tier 2 - $510; Tier 1 - $480

While these campers unplug from everyday distractions and participate in regular camp activities and traditions, they will also spend part of their time doing mission work and service projects around Dogwood Acres and the greater mission field.  They'll spend part of 2 days doing service projects at Dogwood Acres, and 2 days doing service projects off-grounds.  It's an opportunity to help improve the camp they love and the community around it.  As with their peers, they'll be encouraged to deepen their relationship with God, explore the great outdoors, develop meaningful relationships, and expand their leadership skills.



High School Hangout - for our most mature campers entering

grades 9, 10, 11 or 12

      June 26 - July 1 and July24 - 29

           Tier 3 - $545; Tier 2 - $510; Tier 1 - $480

Unplug from everyday distractions to take in the wonders of Dogwood Acres!  High schoolers, our most mature campers, are encouraged to deepen their relationship with God, explore the great outdoors, develop meaningful friendships, and expand leadership skills.  While these campers participate in many regular camp activities and traditions, they'll also embark on an off-site canoe trip.  In addition to the canoe trip, there will be other  excursions, on- or off-site , exclusively for high schoolers.


Einstein Camp - for campers on the autism or Down Syndrome spectrum 

      July 10 - 15 

           Tier 3 - $545; Tier 2 - $410; Tier 1 - $480

This camp is specifically designed for campers with autism or Down Syndrome.  They learn about and enjoy the outdoor environment as they build social skills, independence and spirituality.  Our skilled staff, along with our partners from the region's schools for students with autism, help campers experience summer camp and enjoy time away from home.  Special arrangements can be made for a shorter camp experience when warranted, with reduced pricing.




June 26 - July 1 (week 1) - Discovery, Night Owl, HS Hangout and Mission

July 6 - 8 (week 2) - Closed

July 10 - 15 (week 3) - Einstein

July 17 - 22 (week 4) - Intro, Discovery and Night Owl

July 24 - 29 (week 5) - Discovery, Night Owl and HS Hangout














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