Ben Powell, Director

Director Ben Powell exudes a deep-seated passion for the outdoor ministry at Dogwood Acres (DWA).  A former DWA Ministry Team Chair, Ben brings to his work extensive experience with the inner workings of the camp, many years of business and financial expertise, and a deep sense of call.  He's drawing out the very best of Dogwood Acres in all respects, with improvements in programs, management, communication, financial transparency and accountability, involvement from all quarters of the Presbytery, and important new partnerships.  Under Ben's leadership, use of this "well-set gem"--through which guests and campers are invited to experience peace, renewal, fellowship, personal growth, and opportunities for strengthening their faith--has increased for the enjoyment of all. We're very excited to have Ben Powell as Director of the Dogwood Acres Retreat Center and  Summer Camp!


Contact Info: (850) 528-3575 or

Eric Hearn, Program Director

I love being at Dogwood Acres because I truly believe that camp is a place that has so much to offer every person. My story with camp starts back when I got the opportunity to serve as a counselor my sophomore year of college. That summer, I fell in love with what camp not only taught the children that I worked with but what it taught me. I saw the power of God work through me and affect children's lives in ways that I never thought possible. After that, I continued to work summers at camp, and five years later, it ultimately led me to work as a Year-Round Intern with North Georgia Camp and Retreat Ministries. Through the program, I had a chance to learn from the beautiful directors about the skills needed to make camp a wonderful place not only to have fun but also to grow in a relationship with Christ. I then continued my time in full-time camping at Camp GuilRock in Reidsville, NC, where I was the director of the property and the Day Camp programming. Now I am excited to take those skills and bring them to Dogwood Acres and help campers continue to grow and develop in their faith.

Contact Info: (770) 378-7289or

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